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Learn how to analyze your team's manual tasks in Reply

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In Reply, you can see how your team as a whole and each individual team member is performing to analyze the effectiveness of completing tasks and interacting with clients. What's more, Reply allows you to drill down on any metrics on the page, usernames, any part of the chart to view detailed statistics according to the filter you choose.

Below, we'll take a look at each section of the Tasks dashboard page so that you can better understand the information that Reply provides:

To access the Tasks dashboard

Log into your Reply account β†’ go to the Reports page in the main menu β†’ select Tasks from the drop-down:


In this part of the dashboard, you can find the total number of tasks divided into separate metrics for each task type: Calls, Emails, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp, and To-Dos. In addition, you can sort tasks by created and completed types as well as different time frames, such as last week, last month, last year, and all time. To do this, click the desired option in the upper right corner.

In the upper left corner, you can find the Export button and use it to export task data for a selected time period. Please note that once the export is complete, a notification appears in the Notification Center with a download link.

Tasks per team member

Here you will see a list of your team members sorted by the total number of tasks (created or completed) for the selected time period. As a result, you can compare the activity of your team members and the types of tasks that are currently assigned to them.

Tasks by type chart

The chart allows you to analyze created or completed tasks based on the filter you choose. You can also filter your tasks by time: let's say you selected "Last Week" or "Last Month", then you will see your tasks by day. Or, if you select "Last Year" or "All Time", you will see the data broken down by month. In this section, you can also select metrics that you do not need by simply clicking/unclicking the task type at the bottom of the section.

Created and completed tasks

In this section, you can compare how many tasks for each type were created and how many were completed over a certain period of time. Pie slices for each task type allow you to visualize this data.

SMS stats

This section helps you analyze the SMS activity of your team - the number of sent SMS messages, replies, created and completed SMS tasks, and their ratio. Here the data is displayed based on the selected time filter, however, the created/completed filter is not considered.

Please note: If you have Team Edition enabled, you can see all the task metrics of your team members. If you don't have Team Edition, you will only be able to access data related to your tasks.

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