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Team performance dashboard
Team performance dashboard

Learn how to get actionable insights into your team's performance at a glance

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Team performance dashboard in Reply is an intuitive and comprehensive reporting panel for supervisors and operations managers to view their team and individual performance metrics. The dashboard allows you to analyze the difference in performance between sales development reps to better determine what actions need to be taken.

To access the Team performance dashboard, simply click on "Reports" in the top menu and select "Team performance."

Team performance includes several sections and tabs:

Below, we'll take a closer look at each section so that you can better understand the information that Reply provides.

Team performance overview

The overview section located at the top of the page provides a comprehensive snapshot of key metrics:

  1. Total booked meetings.

  2. Contacts sequenced (the number of contacts added to sequences).

  3. Meeting conversion rate (%), calculated as the number of booked meetings divided by the total number of sequenced contacts, multiplied by 100%.

  4. Total touches per contact, categorized into:

    • Auto touches per contact: includes automated SMS and emails.

    • Manual touches per contact: encompasses all manual interactions, excluding To-Dos and Meetings.

  5. Average response time.

In the upper right corner, you can also find the Time filter to display data by week, month, year, or view it for all time.

Meetings chart

Here, you can view scheduled meetings for the entire team over a specific period of time and compare the performance of all team members. In this section, you can also filter the results by team member by simply clicking/unclicking the team member's name below the chart.

Meetings breakdown table

In the table, you can analyze the performance of each team member individually. The metrics include total meetings, contacts, conversion rate, total touches per contact broken down into auto and manual touches, as well as average response time shown for each sales development rep (that is the average time between the received email and the actual response). In the last column, you can find the score for every sales development rep in your team in comparison with each other.

Reply sentiment

Here, you can see the total number of replies and the percentage for each category that you have in your Inbox (i.e. Interested, Not interested, Not now, Do not contact, Forwarded, Unsorted). Below the overview stats, you can find a chart showing the categorization of replies in color for each team member. It is also possible to exclude/include certain metrics by simply clicking/unclicking the necessary category below the chart.

Replies table

In this table, you can analyze the performance of each team member in terms of replies. This includes the total number of responses per team member, the percentage of Interested and Not interested responses, as well as the percentages for categories such as Not now, Do not contact, Forwarded, Unsorted.

Here is a short video tutorial describing the Team Performance dashboard and all the available functionality:

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