Managing sequence steps

Working with sequence steps has never been easier: you can add, edit, and remove them in a super user-friendly environment

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Adding a step

To create a step, open the existing sequence and navigate to the Steps tab. Then click on the Plus button or choose the desired step type at the bottom of the page. If you are creating a sequence from scratch, click Add Sequence Step.

The pop-up window appears with the automatic Email step type selected by default. You can easily switch between different step types shown at the top of the window - Email (automatic and manual), Call, SMS (automatic and manual), WhatsApp, LinkedIn (Message, Connect, InMail, View Profile), Zapier step*, and Task (To do, Meeting).

It is also possible to add a variant of the same email step for A/B testing to test several email versions sent randomly to the people in your sequence. It allows you to see which template variant gets better reply rates:

From here you can pause or resume any variant to improve sequence performance.

Editing a step

To pause, edit, or clone steps, hover over the needed step and click one of the icons:

Please note: after an email, task or SMS has been sent from your sequence, you can no longer change this type of step.

Changing step order

To change the order of steps in your sequence, drag-n-drop any step to the needed position. You can only rearrange the steps for which there are no outgoing emails:

Removing a step

To remove a sequence step, hover over the step template and find the Remove icon on the left side:

Please note that once a step has been sent to at least 1 contact, it cannot be removed.

*You can only add one Zapier step per sequence.

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