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How to filter prospects by call resolution?
How to filter prospects by call resolution?

Learn how to filter contacts by call resolutions for efficient segmentation and targeted follow-up

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Reply's People page offers advanced smart filters, enabling you to efficiently categorize and manage contacts by various criteria, including the call resolution feature. This enhancement streamlines tracking and analyzing the behavior and outcomes of your outreach efforts, offering deeper insights.

By incorporating smart filtering capabilities into your daily operations on Reply, you can significantly boost your team's efficiency in managing contacts. This feature is not just a time-saver; it also provides valuable data for optimizing your outreach and enhancing customer engagement strategies.

To filter contacts by call resolution, follow these steps:

  1. Open the People page, accessible from either the People β†’ Contacts tab or the Sequence β†’ People tab.

  2. Click on 'ADD FILTER' to initiate a new smart filter.

  3. Naming Your Filter (Optional): Provide a descriptive name in the 'Filter name' field for easy future reference.

  4. In the 'Property' field, choose 'Call Resolution' to focus on call outcomes.

  5. Defining Filter Conditions: Choose from the following options to refine your search:

    • Is

    • Is not

    • Is set

    • Is not set

  6. Select the exact call resolution for filtering from the list.

  7. Use 'Apply' to temporarily implement the filter or 'Save' to make it a permanent feature in your tab.

Note on Custom Call Resolutions:

With the recent introduction of custom call resolutions in Reply, you have the added advantage of filtering contacts based on personalized call outcomes. This provides a more tailored approach to managing your contact list.

Custom call resolutions are accessible to your entire team, ensuring a unified view of customer interactions and outcomes. Utilizing these smart filters, particularly with custom call resolutions, empowers teams with actionable insights, fostering more informed decisions in sales and customer service strategies.

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