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How to make and log calls in Reply Chrome Extension
How to make and log calls in Reply Chrome Extension

Learn how to make and log calls to your prospects in real-time using the Reply Chrome Extension

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Reply allows you to make calls on the platform and monitor reports and analytics regarding calls in the Calls dashboard. For your convenience, you can also make calls and log them right away from the Chrome Extension.

Make calls using the Reply Chrome Extension

  1. Open Reply Chrome Extension Navigate to the People tab and click on the contact you want to make a call with.

  2. Click on the Phone icon.

3. If your account is linked to more than one phone number, choose the one you want to use for the call.

Once the call starts, the conversation module will appear, allowing you to:

  • click the pencil icon ✏️ to note all important details regarding the communication right away;

  • turn your microphone on and off;

  • end the conversation.

Log calls in the Reply Chrome Extension

Once the call communication ends, you can log a call, add notes, and set a call resolution (labels used to categorize the outcomes of your calls).

While Reply provides three default call resolutions - Positive, Negative, and To Call - you can create custom call resolutions tailored to your specific needs, business requirements, or the unique aspects of your customer interactions. This flexibility enables deeper insights into call types and outcomes, facilitating more accurate tracking, analysis, and strategic improvements in outreach.

Logging a call means storing all the information about your call communication that you can later view on the Reply platform using the Calls dashboard.

To save information about the call, click Log the call and choose:

  • Log the call & follow up,

  • or Log the call.

Successful storing will be confirmed with a pop-up:

Log calls in the Tasks tab

The Tasks tab allows you to log all cloud calls and even those calls that were made outside of the extension (using a different system or physical phone).

  1. Navigate to the Tasks tab → select the filter to show you all the calls. You can also click on the plus icon to create a new task for your call if needed.

  2. Choose Call task type and any other preferences click on the Apply filter button.

3. Click on the task with the call you want to log into the system.

4. If the call was made outside of the extension, add a note to your call and click on the icon in the Complete button select Log a call.

  • If you want to make a call from the Task tab, click on the phone icon and repeat all the steps described in the previous section.

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