Zapier step in a sequence

Learn how to create a new Zapier step right from a Reply sequence to extend your workflow with the apps available on Zapier

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From now on, you can automate your outreach workflows and extend your sequences with more than 2000 apps available on Zapier. Once your contacts reach the new Zapier step in a sequence, the trigger will also be launched on the Zapier side. Set up automation on Zapier to start using the available apps right from your sequence.

When adding the Zapier step to a sequence, you can choose between two workflows:

  • Zapier Step Launched - this type triggers once a contact reaches such a step

  • Move to the Next Step - this type works similarly but needs an additional action via Zapier to move to the next step in a sequence

To add the new Zapier step to your sequence:

  1. Go to the Steps tab of your existing sequence or open the Sequence Wizard to create a new sequence

  2. When adding a sequence step via the Plus button, select the Zapier icon.

3. After you have added the Zapier step, a new popup appears with the step-by-step instructions on how to setup automation on Zapier:

In the pop-up, you can see the Step name field set as Zapier #1, and each new step will have the next number assigned to it (e.g. Zapier #2 if Zapier #1 already exists). The value Move to next step immediately after this is also set by default in the step automation drop-down. The second automation option on how to handle a step once a contact goes through it is Wait for Zapier Action before moving to next step.

4. Once all settings are set, click on the Add button which adds the new Zapier step to your sequence.

Please note that, currently, it is possible to add only one Zapier step per sequence.

To set up Zapier step integration on Zapier:

Remember to configure both the Zapier step in your Reply sequence and its integration on Zapier. For the latter, navigate to your Zapier account, create a new Zap, select the Reply application, and choose the trigger event Zapier Step Launched or the action Move to the Next Step from the drop-down list. For more information on how to set up Zapier step integration, read this article.

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