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Integrations via Zapier
Integrations via Zapier

Learn how you can integrate Reply with one of more than 500 apps available at Zapier and automate your daily workflows of any possible kind.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online apps (like Salesforce, Basecamp and Gmail). This helps you use complementary apps side-by-side!

Zapier has more than 500+ apps that could be integrated into triggered workflows named ZAPS. So every time you create new trigger and action pair in Zapier it is a new Zap.

What Reply Triggers and Actions are Supported?

  • Prospect Finished - Triggers when a prospect finishes in terms of sequence.

  • New Emails Sent - Triggers when new email sent (first step or follow-up)

  • New Email Replied - Triggers when a person replied

  • New Person Opt Out - Triggers when a person clicks opt out link

  • New Email Opened - Triggers when a person opens your email.

  • Mark As Replied - Marks prospects as replied in some sequence

  • Create\Update Person - Creates\Updates a person

  • Create\Update person and Push to Sequence - Create/Update a person and push it to sequence

  • Inbox category set in Reply - Send email replies with specific Inbox Category (interested, not now, not interested etc..)

It's also possible to map custom variables along with default fields when creating/updating people and pushing them to sequence.

Connecting Zapier to Reply

To integrate Reply and Zapier, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Reply, open the Integrations page, scroll down to Zapier and click Learn more. The system redirects you to the Zapier website with the list of Reply zaps.

  2. Select a zap you want to use and click USE THIS ZAP. For example, Get Slack DMs for new replies are received in Reply.

   3.  Go through the required steps. When Zapier asks you to connect your Reply account, copy and paste your API key, which you can find under the API Key tab of the Settings page of your Reply account.

    4.  After you finish with the Reply account integration, you must connect your Slack account with Zapier. The system prompts to log into your Slack account.
    5.  Specify a username you want to receive notifications about new emails and click Continue.

     6. Complete the remaining steps to see the confirmation message:

For more information about Reply Zaps, see the Some Zaps that could be useful article.

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