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Setting up task generation in a sequence
Setting up task generation in a sequence

Learn how to better customize tasks in a sequence with Reply’s new feature

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Reply enables users to generate tasks based on different workflows. For your sequences, you now have the possibility to choose who should be the owner of the created tasks. Please note that this new setting is available ONLY for Team Edition in Public mode. If you want to know how to enable Team Edition in Public mode for your account, read this article.

A Reply sequence can generate tasks in two ways:

✔ Task generation for a sequence owner → Tasks are assigned to a team member who owns a sequence, they are visible on the Tasks page and in Reply Chrome Extension;

✔ Task generation for a contact owner → Tasks for each contact are assigned to the correspondent contact owner, they are visible on the Tasks page and in Reply Chrome Extension.

To set up task generation in a sequence:

  1. Open any sequence on the Sequences page.

  2. Navigate to its Settings tab.

  3. Scroll down and expand the Tasks handling section:

4. In the drop-down list Who will be owner for created tasks, choose whether the tasks should be generated for a sequence owner or a contact owner.

5. Press Save settings. Done!

To check a contact owner:

To find out who is a contact owner for a particular contact, go the People page and check the Owner column. If the column is not visible, use the grid on the right hand and checkmark the Owner option.

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