To ensure the highest level of email communication and to support the strong reputation of customer's email addresses connected to Reply, we have a minimum requirement on an acceptable email bounce rate. If a new sequence reaches a 15% bounce rate or an existing one has a 25% bounce rate, such a sequence stops sending the first step to contacts but continues sending follow-ups.

If this is the case, please validate further prospects' emails to prevent sequence suspension and comply with our Usage Policy

Reply will notify you of sequences that have reached half or full bounce quota in the Notification Center and email reports so you can take all necessary precautions. You can also check your bounce rate at any time on the Stats tab of the sequence, on the Reports page, and on the Sequence page if you hover over the sequence toggle (read more on toggles behavior here).

How to calculate sequence bounce rate

The bounce rate is calculated as the number of bounced emails/total people:

Bounce rate = Bounced emails/Total people

How to check bounce rate metrics

  1. Open the Reports page or click the Stats tab on the Sequences page.

  2. You can see the bounce rate stat in the Key Metrics section on both pages.

  3. To check the historical rate for all time, apply the All time filter and hover over the i-sign near the Bounce rate metric. The corresponding hint will pop up.

Note: The hint for all time bounce rates won’t be shown on the Reports page.

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