Pricing for Cloud Calls

Pricing for Cloud Calls consists of three parts, billed separately:

  • Price for using the Cloud Calls feature:  $20 per user, and is billed monthly or annually based on your Reply subscription plan. During the Beta, the price for the Cloud Calls feature is $0.
  • Price for renting a number: pricing varies from country to country and is $1 per month for one number for the US and Canada. The money is deducted from your Reply wallet. 
  • Price for making calls: the price varies from country to country and depends on the country that you've rented the phone number. For example, for the US and Canada, the price per minute (without call recording) is $0.017. It consists of two parts - $0.013 is the cost of voice per minute and $0.004 is the connection cost. In the Calls History section of the Plans & Billing tab, it will be displayed as $0.017. The money is deducted from your Reply wallet. If your contact does not pick up a call, you will still be charged the connection cost of $0.004. 

Pricing for Call Recording

Pricing for Call Recording consists of two parts - recording and storage. For the US and Canada, price for recording makes $0.0025 per minute and $0.00050 per minute for storage. If you need detailed prices for a particular country or want to clear your storage of recorded calls, please contact our Support Team. 

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