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How to use Cloud Calls Self-Service
How to use Cloud Calls Self-Service
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The Self-Service option for Cloud Calls empowers Team Owners with the ability to enable or disable the Cloud Calls feature for their team members. This feature also allows team members to set up Cloud Calls on their own.

To activate Self-service, the Team Owner must initially enable the feature by switching on the 'Enable team calls' toggle

After Team Owner enables the Enable team calls toggle, they can manually enable Cloud Calls for each team member including Team Owner. 

The self-service option lets team members manually set up the following features:

  • Rent a phone number.

  • Enable or disable Custom Caller ID.

  • Enable or disable Inbound calls transfer.

Note: The call recording feature can be set up by Team Owner only. 

Note: if Team Owner enabled Cloud Calls for the team, but did not enable them for a particular team member, they can do this manually from the Calls section of the Settings page. 

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