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How to rent a phone number
How to rent a phone number
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After you have enabled the Cloud Calls feature, you must rent a phone number. To do this:

  1. On the Settings page, click Tools and expand the Calls subsection. 

  2. In the Calls subsection, click Add phone to open the Choose a phone number dialog.

  3. In the Country drop down list, select the country you want to rent a phone number from and click Search. The system provides you with the list of numbers available for rent.

  4. For the US and Canada, you can type in a three-digit area code to find a region-specific number.

   4. Choose a phone number and click Select. Now you can begin using Cloud Calls. You must have at least $10 in your Reply wallet to rent a number and make a call. 

Note: currently you can rent only one phone number per account. To change the phone number, you must remove the current number first.

Note: prices for renting a phone number may vary from country to country. For more information, see the Pricing for Cloud Calls article.

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