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How do I send my emails in the same thread?
How do I send my emails in the same thread?

Learn how you can send your follow-ups in the same thread with the initial email

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Reply lets you group your sequence emails as much as you need. This article will help you master a new skill: sending emails in the same thread.

Steps to follow

Once you are ready with your Step 1 email, follow these steps to set everything for your follow-ups πŸ‘‡

  1. Open the sequence;

  2. Go to the Steps tab;

  3. Paste the subject to the initial email:

  4. Leave the subject line for follow-up emails empty:

Once you have done it, the new emails will be grouped with the original (Step 1) message, forming the thread.

πŸ’‘ Important: If the subject line of your Step 1 has symbols or prefixes ("Re:" or similar), the follow-up emails will not be sent in the same thread and will not have a subject line.

Steps to test

The only way to check how the emails look is to add yourself as a contact to the sequence. This way Reply sees you as a prospect so you get the final look of your emails.

Your contact card should have the email, name, and all the fields needed for the step variables:

πŸ’‘ Important: If you send test emails of each sequence step, you will get them separately; not in the same thread. This happens since Reply considers these tests separate and not linked.

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