To open the page, log into your Reply account and click People:

When you have already imported people using the Add People button, you see more options available on this page:

Creating filter lists

To create a new filter list, click the + button near the More drop-down menu. You can add multiple properties, including custom variables via the .CSV file importing:

You can either Apply or Save the filter after you name it and set the properties:

  • The Apply option allows you to temporarily save the filter until you navigate to another page.
  • The Save option keeps the filter permanently on the People page in the More drop-down menu.

When selecting people on the list, there are more icons available to perform other actions with people:

You can select 100 people on the page or all people on the list:

You can add people to the Lists group:

You can add the selected people to a sequence by selecting the Push option (if a contact isn't in any sequence currently), or select a Step (if you want to move contacts to the campaign to a specific step, or if a prospect is already in another sequence).

By this action, all selected people will be automatically removed from the previous sequence, and the email will be delivered immediately despite the Step setting.

To change the status of a prospect:

You can remove all selected people by hitting the Trash icon.

In the More drop-down menu you'll find:

  • option to Export all selected people into a .CSV file;
  • option to Blacklist selected prospects.

When you select the Export to CSV option,  you can choose between exporting Basic Fields and All Fields.  For more information, see the following article

You can see the detailed contact's Profile when clicking on a prospect in the list.

It's possible to switch between contacts without closing the profile for a specific one.

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