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Overview of the Marketplace page
Overview of the Marketplace page

The Marketplace page provides you with a list of partners and products to find quality prospects for your sequences

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The Marketplace tab within the People section offers a diverse array of partners and products aimed at enhancing your prospecting efforts and streamlining your sales strategies.

By exploring the Marketplace page and leveraging the offerings of our esteemed partners, you can elevate your prospecting game and unlock new avenues for business growth within Reply.

Let's delve into each section:

  • BUILT-IN Partners

In the BUILT-IN section, you'll find partners with native integrations seamlessly linked to Reply via API. These partners, such as the Reply Chrome Extension and Reply Findy Extension, allow you to perform various tasks directly within Reply, from searching for emails on LinkedIn to syncing with CRM platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot. Discover more about our BUILT-IN partners here.

  • MANUAL Partners

The MANUAL section showcases partners who specialize in curated contact lists, meticulously crafted through a blend of manual and automated techniques. These partners, including Accelerar and Predictleads, offer data in CSV format, ideal for importing into Reply to bolster your prospecting efforts.

  • RECOMMENDED Partners

In the RECOMMENDED section, you'll find top-tier services endorsed for their superior data quality and sales intelligence. Partners such as Clearbit and SalesIntel provide enriched data insights to enhance your prospecting endeavors.

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