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Introduction to the People Section
Introduction to the People Section

Learn about the People section, which includes Contacts, Accounts, and Marketplaces

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The People section in Reply, in the top header menu, acts as a centralized hub for managing contacts, accounts, and marketplace integrations, streamlining sales and outreach efforts.

Click on People and choose the desired page from the drop-down menu to access it:

Contacts, accounts, and marketplaces form interconnected components within the platform, streamlining sales and outreach processes for optimized engagement.

  • Contacts Page:

The People β†’ Contacts page lets you efficiently organize and manage individual leads or prospects. Here, you can perform various actions to streamline contact management, such as moving contacts to sequences and lists, importing/exporting contacts, using advanced filters, and more. For detailed instructions, please refer to this article.

  • Accounts Page:

On the People β†’ Accounts page, you can view and manage existing accounts and create new ones. Accounts group contacts belonging to specific companies or organizations, providing quick access to comprehensive company information. Learn more about managing accounts on this page.

  • Marketplaces:

The People β†’ Marketplaces page offers a range of additional tools to enhance prospecting and sales strategies. It includes a list of built-in integrations with Reply's platform, tools requiring manual customization, and recommended top-notch data and sales intelligence services. Detailed instructions are available in this article.

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