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Why is there no hyperlink in my opt-out text?
Why is there no hyperlink in my opt-out text?

Learn about the cases when hyperlink is missing

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There are a few cases when the opt-out link is not added at all, so let's review them first:

  1. Test emails - test emails sent from the Step editor.

  2. Direct emails - emails sent through the contact's card.

  3. All the fields in the Opt-out settings are blank/opt-out text is not put into the curly brackets.

While the first two options are expected, it is possible to fix the last one:

  • Go to the Email Accounts tab of your Settings.

  • Click on the needed mailbox and go to the Opt-out tab.

  • Choose the Unsubscribe via the opt-out link.

  • Paste the text or click Regenerate to get another variant.

  • Wrap the opt-out text into curly brackets {}. For example: Would you like to unsubscribe? Just {click this link} to opt-out.

If you need more details about the opt-out options in Reply, please click here.

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