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Why do I need Public mode?
Why do I need Public mode?

Here you can find detailed description of Reply's Team Edition Public mode and see if it fits your team account requirements at the moment.

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Public mode offers the team maximum collaboration freedom - prospects and sequences are visible to all team members together with schedules, templates, and reports. Public mode lets a contact or team owner:

  • Create, update, and delete prospects.

  • Add and remove prospects from sequences.

  • Change sequence settings and remove sequences.

  • See the communication flow and history for each prospect.

However, there is a limitation - only the team owner can change the prospect owner and/or the sequence owner. For more information, see the How to collaborate on prospects and sequences in Public mode article.

Moreover, only sequence owner can change prospect statuses within their sequence with one exception - Opted out status can be removed/added by any team member.

Using Public mode, you can set up any collaboration workflow within your team. 

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