Sequences let you organize A/B testing on Email steps. You can create an unlimited number of variants for each Email step. 

Reply splits the contacts in your sequence as evenly as possible, with each variant going out to approximately 50%. The system selects contacts getting different variants randomly. 

For example, if you have A and B variants of Step 1, and import a list of 200 contacts in one batch, the system will automatically send variant A to 100 and variant B to the rest of 100. Each imported batch is being randomized separately. All manually added contacts will get A variant by default as it’s also considered as “a batch”.
Since the A/B testing is random, you won’t know who exactly receives A and B variants. It’s also random for each step variants.

Creating a variant
On the Steps tab of your sequence, hover over an Email step and click Add variant.

Cloning, editing, removing an existing variant
Hover over an existing variant and click on the needed action.

Pausing and resuming an existing variant
Sequences let you pause an existing variant or several variants of the Email step. Note that at least one variant must remain active. To pause or resume a variant, hover over it with a mouse cursor and click on the needed action.

Viewing performance of A/B variants
To see how your variants of the Email step perform, open the Stats tab,  scroll down to the Brief/Detailed section and enable the A/B toggle. 

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