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Overview of the List tab
Overview of the List tab

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The Lists tab can be found on the People page. Use Reply lists to segment your contacts and further organize your outreach. Unlike Filters (located horizontally at the top of the screen on the People page) or Sequences, you can have the same contact in any number of lists.

It is also possible to create as many lists as you see fit. For example, you can use multiple lists to segment clients if you have several team members working in the same Reply account.

To transfer contacts to specific lists, just select them from the All list. You will see new drop-down menus appear above your contacts. Click the Lists option and you will see all of your available lists. Select the destination you want to move the contacts to, and click Apply.

Each list provides information on the tracking data based on the contacts within each respective list. You can find out the number of Opens, Replies, even Opt-outs, of each contact in the chosen list.

You can also add contacts to a list directly from the Import Contacts page while uploading a CSV file.

In addition, you can split your contacts between 2, 3, or 4 lists (e.g. for A/B testing purposes).

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