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Can I change the schedule for an active sequence?
Can I change the schedule for an active sequence?

Learn how to change the schedule for an already-running campaign

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We have linked the sending process to your schedules so outreach only happens within working hours. If you want to change the original schedule or extend the hours, follow these steps👇

  1. Go to the Steps tab of your sequence.

  2. Click the Schedule button.

  • to choose another schedule, click on the arrow

  • to edit the existing schedule, click Customize

Once you click the Customize button, you will move to the schedule settings. You can update timezones, sending hours, and open days. If you need it, you can create a separate schedule for follow-up emails.

💡 Important: you can only select a schedule from the existing list. If you do not have a new schedule yet, check our article about sending windows

When you launch your campaign out of sending hours, you can see this notification as a warning:

It means the sequence is inactive, so you need to open the schedule. Otherwise, we will start sending the next open day.

☝️ Keep in mind: once the schedule is updated, it is best to restart the sequence by turning the toggle off and back on. This way the changes are applied right away.

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