The two options are compared by Reply sending both variants (let's call them A and B) to similar prospects at the same time. The results of responses will show you which test group is more effective.

Define the goal of A/B testing

Choose the element you want to test. Focus on what is the most important thing to you, because every single part of email is called to reach a specific task.

Select elements for testing

Use the following main elements that can be modified while using email testing:

  • Subject lines / Calls to action and offers
  • Headlines
  • Images and layout
  • Body text
  • Added value for your prospects


Pay special attention to the order of the element you check via A/B testing. The most important parts of every letter are the subject line and call to action.

Setup testing environment

Prepare the texts and email addresses and set them all into the tool you are using to send the letters. In Reply you simply need to press “Add new variant” button when attaching templates to sequence steps. You can perform multivariate email testing as well.

Examine results

Set performance goal and analyze the obtained results. Continue testing until you are satisfied. Do not get scattered. Focus on one element and test it. Do everything step by step. Only this tactics can provide the best results.

In Reply you will see the data in Stats tab inside the specific sequence if you flip the switch just near the A/B template name.

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