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How to generate the text of the email step?
How to generate the text of the email step?

Learn how to generate or improve the text of the email step for any type of the sequences using the Jason AI assistant

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Jason AI can be used for all types of sequences to generate and improve the text of email steps. For this, open the needed sequence and the email step.

Just click on the Jason AI icon in the text editor and select the desired action:

  • Improve text with GPT. Use the first line in the text editor to add a specific prompt for Jason AI instructing how exactly you want to improve the text. For example, you can ask the AI assistant to add some more details, rewrite the text, or translate it into another language. You can also use this option to generate new text.

  • Generate email from summary. Add any of the details and click this button to generate the full text of an email.

  • Generate email from bullets. You can also add details related to your email in a form of bullets and then click this button to generate text.

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