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Channel Efficiency Overview
Channel Efficiency Overview

Learn how to use Channel Efficiency dashboard to keep track of effectiveness of your outreach campaigns across different channels

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Reply is a multi-channel platform that allows you to get in touch with your contacts through different channels: Automatic Emails, Manual Emails, Calls, LinkedIn, Automatic SMS, Manual SMS, and WhatsApp.

Reports โ†’ Channel Efficiency brings together reports and analytics on your outreach campaigns across all the channels you've used in one dashboard.

For each communication channel, you can check the percentage of replies, touches, and meetings booked. So, it's easy to look at your overall results, compare the conversation rates, and figure out which channels work best at turning leads into booked meetings.

The dashboard contains such sections:


The panel on top of the dashboard includes quick filters:

  • All emails. Select the exact email accounts connected to your team in Reply whose metrics on interactions with contacts you want to view.

  • All sequences. Select the exact sequences you want to analyze.

  • All owners. Selet the exact owner of contacts metrics on interactions with contacts you want to view.

  • All time. Selet the timeframe. Possible options: last week, last month, last year, custom. When you open the dashboard, Last week time filter is selected by default.

  • Smart filters icon. When clicking, the side panel with smart filters will be shown. These filters allow you to set advanced criteria for filtering such as a combination of several filters. Here's an article on how to use smart filters.

Key metrics

This is a one-glance section that brings together general figures on the main metrics within the selected filter criteria.

This section includes the following metrics:

  • The total amount of contacts contacted;

  • The total amount of touches;

  • The total amount of replies + conversion rate (percentage of replies in relation to all touches);

  • The total amount of meeting booked + conversion rate (percentage of meetings booked in relation to all touches).

Please note. Touch is any action towards the contact (i.e. call, manual email, SMS, etc).

Best performing channels

This section includes two horizontal segment bar charts with the best performing channel rate by replies and meeting booked.

When you hover on a particular channel you can see a pop-up with more details:

  • the total number of touches;

  • the number of replies/meetings booked with the conversion rate (its percentage in relation to all touches).

Channel efficiency in two circle graphs

This section has two circle graphs that show how many replies and meetings booked came from each channel, both in numbers and as a percentage.

You can turn on or off particular channels simply by clicking on the channel title near the graph. The total percentage of all types of replies will always be 100%. The percentage will change once you disable some channels.

Column segmented chart

This chart shows Channel Efficiency by date. There are three columns per time point: Touches, Replies, and Meetings booked.

Each column has segments for corresponding channel share on X-axis - numbers, on the Y-axis timeline. When hovering over the column - a tooltip with the total and numbers per channel can be seen.

Tabs with detailed tabled data

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