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How to use Smart Filters in Emails Reports
How to use Smart Filters in Emails Reports

Learn how to use smart filters in Emails Reports

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Reports โ†’ Emails dashboard allows you to view the analytics of all the emails sent from your Reply account as well as reports on responses and the statuses of your contacts that were processed.

Smart filters allow you to filter reporting statistics on emails by specific criteria so that you can analyze narrow-focused metrics and get better insights into the performance of your work. You can set several smart filters at once and save the filtering pattern for further usage.

To apply smart filters on the Emails dashboard:

  1. Click on the filters icon in the upper right corner. The smart filters panel will be shown.

  2. Select filters and fill them with your search criteria.

  3. Click on the Apply button. Report statistics will change accordingly to set filters.

The following is a description of each filter:




Choose the timeframe for viewing email reports: Last Week, Last Month, Last Year, All time, or choose the Custom option and set the exact start and end dates manually.


Select the team member that belongs to Reply account to view reports that refers only to his/her activities.


Filter contacts by country.


Filter contacts by state.


Filter contacts by a specific city.


Filter contacts by their industry.


Filter contacts by a particular company.


Filter contacts by a particular job position.

Contact list

Filter contacts by contact list(s) they belong to.

Contact csv file

Filter by a particular csv file from which contacts were imported.

Email validation status

Choose email validation status (valid, invalid, risky).


Filter by specified sequence(s).

Sequence step

Filter by specified sequence step(s).

Email accounts

Filter reports by a particular email address that was used to send emails.

Email Message type

Filter reports by a particular email message type.

Email template

Filter reports by email templates that were used to send emails.

For all filters except Date, the following rules are applicable:

  • Once you click on the filter, the drop-down list with existing records in the reports will be shown so you can choose the needed option right away.

  • For each filter, you can select two or more values.

To save smart filters for further usage, click on the Save button once you add desired filtering criteria in the smart filters panel.

Default filters panel

The default filters panel is located at the top of the reports and contains quick filters:

  • Emails. Filter reports by a particular email address that was used to send emails.

  • Sequences. It allows you to filter reports by particular sequence(s).

  • Owners. It allows you to filter reports by email addresses that were used to send emails.

  • Activity date. Select timeframe during which the emails were sent.

  • Saved smart filters. Once you click on it, you will see the drop-down list with previously saved smart filters.

Once you add a smart filter, it will appear on the panel so you can edit or delete it.

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