Organization Owner is a primary role in an organization in Reply - an entity that supports one account in the Reply platform and allows you to create and manage multiple teams.

Once you register a new Reply account with Roles&Permissions on, you become Organization Owner - the person who actually possesses the Reply account and can manage your own organization (company). You can view the organization owner in More → Organization → Users tab, this role is marked by a corresponding icon:

What Organization Owners can do:

  • The organization owner can do and view anything in the system: invite users, monitor all their activity as well as manage all the teams, roles, and permissions. It is a primary role that includes all organization and team permissions.


  • There can be only one organization owner within an organization and it cannot be changed, deleted, or replaced.

  • Every organization covers organization-level and team-level permissions. This means there can be other organization roles created by Organization Owner. However, the organization owner is not organization role. This is a separate entity.

  • The role of the organization owner can not be assigned to another user or switched to another role (even to organization roles), and vice versa - other users cannot inherit the role of the organization owner.

  • Once a new team is created, the organization owner is added to this team automatically.

  • Organization Owner can not be deleted from an organization as well as any team. The only way is to delete the team with all users.

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