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Learn about the Organization Owner, the primary role within the organization, its capabilities, and its relationship with other roles

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The Organization Owner role is pivotal within the Reply platform, serving as the cornerstone for managing an organization's account. This role is automatically assigned to the individual who establishes a new account on Reply with the organization feature enabled, encapsulating comprehensive control over the organization's structure and its functionalities.

As the Organization Owner, you can shape the organization by creating and overseeing multiple client groups (teams), assigning roles, and configuring permissions.

Navigating to the Organization Owner Management

To manage your organization and oversee your client groups and user roles:

  1. Click on your profile name at the top right corner of the interface.

  2. Select "Organization Management" from the dropdown menu.

  3. Proceed to the "Users" tab, where the Organization Owner role is distinctly marked with a specific icon for easy identification.

The primary distinction between an Organization Owner and an Organization Role lies in their scope of authority and administrative capacity:

  • Organization Owner holds the highest level of administrative control over the entire organization, with comprehensive oversight across all functions and teams.

  • Organization Role is assigned to manage specific client groups (teams) within the organization, focusing on targeted administrative tasks and responsibilities within those designated areas.

Capabilities of the Organization Owner

The Organization Owner has unrestricted access across the system, enabling them to:

  • Invite users and monitor their activities using the Users tab.

  • Manage all client groups (teams) using the Clients tab, roles, and permissions comprehensively.

  • View any information and perform any action within the system, holding all organization and team-level permissions in the Roles & Permissions tab.

Key Considerations

  • Inherent Membership: The Organization Owner is automatically added to any newly created organization, ensuring oversight across all facets of the organization.

  • Uniqueness: An organization can have only one Organization Owner, an immutable status. This role cannot be transferred, deleted, or assigned to another user, nor can it be downgraded to a different role within the organization.

  • Indelibility: The Organization Owner's association with the organization or any team is permanent. The sole method to remove this role is by deleting the team along with all its members.

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