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Learn how to invite and manage users within your organization in Reply

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Users are team members invited to join your organization on the Reply platform using their email addresses. You can organize users into client groups and assign them specific roles and permissions. To learn more about how organizations work in Reply, refer to this collection of articles.

Managing Users in Your Organization

To view and manage users within your organization, access the control panel by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner and selecting "Organization Management". Then, navigate to the Users tab.

The tab displays all users invited to your organization. Use the search field to locate a user by name, or filter users based on the client groups they are associated with.

Organization role and Organization Owner are marked by corresponding icons:

The grid with users contains such columns:

  • Name: The user's name as registered in Reply.

  • Email: The user's email address.

  • Client & Role: Shows the client groups a user is part of. Hovering over a client group name reveals the user's specific role within that group.

Invite Users

To invite a user to your organization, click Invite user.

In a pop-up, add the email address of the user you want to invite. You can also add several email addresses at once, separating them by commas. Assign them to a team and role, and click "Send invite".

Users will have a "Pending" status until they accept the invitation, at which point you can cancel or resend the invite if needed by clicking on three horizontal dots near the user then selecting Cancel invite, or Resend invite.

Once the user accepts an invite via email, they can register and log in to the Reply platform.

Important. Assigning the client and role to an invited user is mandatory for organizations. In case you add multiple email addresses at once, you can assign them to one role and client.

Actions in the Users tab

Using the view with all users, you can also instantly add users to other clients or assign them to organizational roles. To perform these actions, follow these instructions:

  • Add User to a Client

From the user list, click the three dots near a user's name and select "Add to client". Choose a client and assign a role, then click "Add".

  • Assign to Organizational Role

Similarly, click the three dots and select "Assign to Organizational role", choose the role, and click "Assign".

  • Deletion Process

Please note that users cannot be deleted from the Users tab. Team members can be removed from a client group (team) via the Clients tab.

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