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Users are all email addresses that have been invited to your organization in the Reply account. You can add users to teams and assign them to specific roles and permissions. To learn more about the concept of an organization, teams, and how roles & permissions work in Reply, read this article.

To manage users within your organization, open More → Organization → Users tab that will list all of the invited users to your organization. Use the search field to find a specific user by typing their name, or filter users by the teams they belong to.

Organization role and Organization Owner are marked by corresponding icons:

The grid with users contains such columns:

  • Name - name of the user in the Reply;

  • Email - email account of the user;

  • Team & Role - this column may contain several names of the teams. Once you hover over the title of a team, you will see the exact title of the role of the user within the selected team.

In the Users tab, you can perform the following actions:

  • Invite user

To invite a user to your organization, click Invite user and add the email address of the user you want to invite. You can also add several email addresses at once, separating them by commas. Select the team and role of the invited user. Click Send invite.

Once the user accepts an invite via email, they can register and log in to the Reply platform. Until the user accepts an invite, their status will be Pending. By clicking on ⋯ three horizontal dots near the user with pending status, you can Cancel invite, or Resend invite.

Important. Assigning the team and role to an invited user is mandatory for organizations. In case you add multiple email addresses at once, you can assign them to one role and team.

  • Add user to a team

Using the view with all users, you can instantly add each user to other teams as well. Click on ⋯ three horizontal dots near the user and hit Add to team, select a team and team role for a user. Click Add.

  • Assign to Org role

Click on ⋯ three horizontal dots near the user and hit Assign to Org role. Select the exact organizational role and click Assignee.

  • Delete

To delete a user from your organization, click on ⋯ three horizontal dots near the user and hit Delete.

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