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Teams in Reply are groups of users that you have invited to your organization. Each user should be assigned to a certain role with a set of corresponding permissions to access the functionality of the Reply platform as well as view other users' data. One user can belong to multiple teams. You can create multiple teams with different sets of roles and permissions.

More → Organization → Teams tab allows you to view, create and manage teams within your organization. To learn more about the concept of an organization, teams, and how roles & permissions work in Reply, read this article.

View teams

Teams tab will list all of the created teams. Use the search field to find a team by typing its name, or sort all of the teams by alphabetical order or by creation date.

Manage teams

You can create and manage teams in this tab as well. All actions that you can perform are shown in the video:

Here's the full description of each action:

  • Create a team.

Click on the New team button, add a name for your team, and click Create. A newly added team will be shown in the Teams tab.

  • Invite users to a team

Invite users is an option to send invites via email to anyone and ask them to join your team. To invite a user to a team, click on the + Invite button, and enter the user's email address. Then, assign the role to a user by selecting it from the drop-down list and clicking Send invite. Please note that users will have Pending status until they accept the invitation.

  • Add users

Add users that are already registered in your Reply account to a team. Click three horizontal dots and select Add users. Check the users from the list you want to add to a team. Hit the drop-down list in the right corner to select the role for a particular user. Click Add. Newly added users will be shown in the list of team members.

Additional actions with a team:

  • Rename team

To rename a team, click three horizontal dots and select 🖉 Rename.

Add new text and click Rename.

  • Pick a Logo for a team

You can pick up the logo for your team to personalize the view of your organization. To pick up the logo, click three horizontal dots and select Pick a Logo.

  • Change the user's role

Select a team by clicking on the icon. Click on the user's role and select the needed role from the drop-down list (this list is based on the roles you have created in Roles & Permissions tab). Confirm your decision in a pop-up.

  • Add user to another team

Select a team and click on three horizontal dots in front of the needed user. Click Add user to another team and select another team from the drop-down list. Then, select the role within the selected team and click Add.

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