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Accounts in Reply Chrome Extension
Accounts in Reply Chrome Extension

Learn how to view and sync information on accounts in Reply Chrome Extension

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Accounts are groups of contacts who are registered under the same domain or who are members of the same company, or organization.

Reply Chrome Extension automatically connects new LinkedIn contacts to accounts based on the information LinkedIn provides about the companies they work for. In the extension, you can view and change account information as well as set rules for assigning contacts to accounts.

View and Sync Account Information

  1. Open Reply Chrome Extension and start searching for contacts on LinkedIn.

  2. Once the new contacts are uploaded into the extension, click on Save to Reply.

  3. Click on the menu icon β†’ select People β†’ click on the newly added contact.

    In the contact profile tab, the field Account will be prefilled with information from LinkedIn.

In the contact profile tab, you can view such information:

  • Account

  • Account Industry

  • Account: Company size

By clicking on the Account field, you can select any existing account from the drop-down list and assign it to the contact right away.

Important. Account Industry and Account: Company size fields cannot be changed in the extension. To edit all account information, open the Reply platform and visit the People β†’ Accounts page.

Set rules for assigning contacts to accounts

In the Reply Chrome Extension, you can decide based on which field you want to assign contacts to the account. It can either be an account domain or an account name. Make sure to set rules for assigning contacts to accounts before searching.

To set rules for assigning contacts to accounts:

  1. Open Reply Chrome Extension and click on Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the toggle Assign new contacts to the existing accounts based on and turn it on.

  3. Select the identifier based on which the system will save the data: account domain, or account name.

  4. Click on the Save settings button.

If the toggle is on and the system will find a new contact on LinkedIn with the same company name as the one that already exists in our Accounts, the system will just assign this contact to this Account.

If the toggle is off, the system will keep creating new accounts with the same name so it could potentially create duplicates.

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