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Execution of tasks launched on the platform in Chrome Extension
Execution of tasks launched on the platform in Chrome Extension

Learn how to execute tasks launched from Reply's Tasks page in Reply Chrome Extension

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You can bulk execute tasks in Reply Chrome Extension once you have, for example, filtered them out, bulk selected, and launched them on Reply's Tasks page.

To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Reply account, click More in the main menu at the top, and select Tasks to open the Tasks page.

  2. Select checkboxes next to the tasks you'd like to launch and execute in Chrome Extension. You can bulk select all the tasks by clicking the All checkbox above the grid. You can then uncheck the checkboxes next to the tasks you don't want to execute, if needed.

  3. Click the Launch button located above the grid. Reply Chrome Extension immediately opens in execution mode.

  4. Complete the tasks execution as prompted by the Chrome Extension.

If you select completed tasks for execution, they will be skipped and not shown on the Tasks dashboard in Chrome Extension.

Important: in Team Edition (both public and private), team owners can see the tasks of all the team members but execute only tasks assigned to them. In Chrome Extension, we show only tasks assigned to you.

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