Smart filters in the Sequence People tab allow you to filter prospects by different criteria, making it easier to notice and track the behavior of your sequence. You can create your own smart filter and add it to the tab with general filters, so avoid going through the huge list of filters each time.

Sending email is one such filter that lets you filter the contacts by the actual sender. This feature will come in handy if you have more than one email account linked to a sequence.

To filter prospects by sending email account, follow these steps:

  1. Open a sequence and navigate to the People tab.

  2. Click on the "ADD FILTER" button.

3. In a smart filter pop-up, type the Filter name to indicate the filter and select the property from the drop-down list - Sending email.

4. Select the desired condition and a particular sending email from the drop-down lists.

Only email accounts linked with the sequence will be displayed in the drop-down list with emails.

Description of conditions:

  • Equals. This value shows a list of prospects who have the specified sending email address assigned to them.

  • Does not equal. This value will show a list of prospects who have other sending emails assigned to them but not the one you specify.

  • Is set. This value will show you prospects who are set to receive emails (from all emails that are connected to the sequence).

  • Is not set. This value will show you prospects who have no sending email assigned.

5. Click on the Apply button to view the list of prospects.

Click on the Save button to view the list of prospects and save this filter for future use (add it to the tab with general filters).

That's it! The filter is created.

Please note.

You can also expand your search and add several filters at once. To do this, click "Add property" and add the desired condition + value.

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