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How to use Cloud Calls
How to use Cloud Calls
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Making a call

The Cloud Calls feature lets you call your contacts directly from the Reply interface. To make a call, open the contact sidebar and click the Call button. 

You can also call your contacts from the grid on the People page or People in sequence tab.

Note: the contact must have a valid phone number to call them.

Working with the call widget

When you talk to your contact, you can expand the call widget and make notes to save important information about the conversation. To do this, click the Expand button.

After the call, the system saves any notes to the contact activity. 

Setting call resolution

When you finish the call, the system offers to set a call resolution:

  • Positive resolution means that your prospect answered the call and the prospect call status will be changed to Called.

  • Negative resolution means that you had a conversation but was not able to achieve your goal. If the prospect objected to further communication, please set their status to Opted Out.

  • To Call resolution means that you were unable to reach a prospect or postponed the call to a later date. This will result in the prospect having the To Call call status.

In some cases (for example, internet connection failure) you might not set call resolution. The system sends a notification to the Notification Center, so you can reopen the Call Log, write notes, and sent call resolution.

In Team Edition, if a contacts is in two or more sequences at a time, you can select which sequence to log a call. This is done via an additional drop down in the Log a call dialogue.

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