When you set two or more steps in your sequence, you can also set desired delays between them, such as a timeframe like 15 minutes, one, or a couple of days. This time is needed to create an interval between completing one step and the subsequent one to reach a prospect.

The ability to view current delay progress allows you to monitor the current delays and steps to better understand contact progress through the sequence. You can view at what step the prospects currently are at the moment and some more information on what's going on.

View the current delay progress between the steps

1. Open any of your active Sequences and navigate to the People tab.

  • The left menu shows all planned sequence steps in a format: an icon demonstrating the type of task + the number of steps to give you more clarity.

  • In the grid with prospects, the column Current step shows you how far along the prospect is in completing the step and if there are any possible delays.

2. Hover over the Current step for the particular prospect to see the progress of the set step delay in more detail.

Here are examples of possible tooltips with information about delay progress:

If the prospect is throttled, the tooltip will show you such notification:

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