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How to reconnect email account when connection token is expired
How to reconnect email account when connection token is expired

Learn how to reconnect your email account once you receive notifications that the connection token is expired

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When Reply loses access to an email account, sending messages as well as running sequences becomes impossible. The reason for this is the expiration of the connection token of an email account. Let's take a look at how to fix such a problem, why it may happen, and how you can be notified about it.

How to reconnect the token

Once your connection token has expired, Reply will send you notifications right away with a full explanation of the problem and how to fix it.

Here's a detailed instruction on how to reconnect your token:

  1. Open Settings β†’ Email Accounts.

  2. Click on the Reconnect icon πŸ”„ in front of the email account that has token expired.

3. Choose an account that you want to reconnect to the Reply.

4. Give the Reply platform permission to access your Google account.

That's it! Your account will be reconnected and your connection token will be active again.

Please note. The connection between Reply and your email account can also be lost due to the deprecation of basic authentication methods by Microsoft Outlook. Use the single-click option to reconnect Office 365 Outlook/Exchange accounts. Learn more about this method in this article.

To check the token connection of your email account, go to Settings β†’ Email Accounts. Make sure your email account has a green status:

Important! The aforementioned reconnection method works only for single-click email account connections. If you connected your email account using the Other provider option, there will be no notifications or Reconnect button.

What is a connection-token?

A connection token is like a linkage between the Reply platform and your email account. This connection occurs when you add an email account to the platform so provide access to your Google Account (or any other account from other email providers).

Usually, when you need to connect your email account, you go to Settings β†’ Email Accounts and add your account. A newly added account obtains green status which indicates that the connection went well and you can use this account in any of your sequences or any other procedures.

Why connection-token may get expired?

Often, the Google connection token breaks off unexpectedly. Some internal or external updates or changes may result in the removal of access to the Reply platform resulting in the connection token expiring. As a result, you are unable to perform any procedures, such as running your sequences.

The possible scenario is: you create a new sequence, upload a new portion of prospects to it, launch it, and leave the app, expecting that the sequence process will start automatically in 10-20 minutes. But then you realize that nothing changed; none of your emails were sent.

In this case, you can still see the green status of your account in Settings β†’ Email Accounts. However, you will be unable to send your sequences because the access was removed.

Here's how to check this connection manually:

  1. Click on your profile's icon in the top right corner of the browser β†’ open the Manage your Google Account page.

  2. Navigate to Data & privacy tab β†’ scroll the page down to the Data from apps and services you use section.

  3. Click on Third-party apps with account access.

Important. If you are connected to Reply, the app will be shown in this list. If you click on the Remove Access button, your token will expire!

Reply notifications about token expiration

If something goes wrong with a token, Reply will instantly send you a notification about the problem. Here's where you can find such notifications:

  • Page with all Sequences

Open the page with all the sequences (from the header menu).

If the status of your sequence is red or orange, hover on the toggle as shown below.

The tooltip will notify you that your sequence processing cannot begin due to token expiration.

  • Sequence page

Open any of your sequences. The status of the sequence "Active" indicates that it is supposed to be sent, but a red or orange toggle suggests that something is wrong. Hover over the toggle to see the error message:

Please note. The red toggle indicates that the sending email account (or a few) is disconnected. The orange toggle indicates that one of the sending emails has a token expiration. Your sequence will be sent in this case, but only from the remaining active email accounts.

  • Log tab

Open any of your sequences and navigate to the Log tab.

If something goes wrong with your account, notifications with a detailed explanation and the exact email account (with which the problem has occurred) will be shown.

  • In-app notifications

Click on the bell notification icon πŸ•­ in the right top corner of the header.

Here you will see notifications in a short format. Click on the Details and the app will bring you to Sequence's Log tab with more detailed information.

  • Your email box

Reply will also send a message to your email address. When you leave the app and are unable to view in-app notifications, this notification will assist you in identifying a problem. You may receive the following email notification:

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