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SMS Inbox page overview
SMS Inbox page overview

This article describes the functionality of the new SMS Inbox page

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The SMS Inbox page is the place where you can access and process all SMS messages with your contacts. The page allows you to handle a large volume of SMS responses from various sequences while maintaining a warm communication style. To learn more about how to send SMS from the Reply app or add SMS step to a sequence, read our support documentation.

How to access the SMS Inbox page:

The new page is now available in the top menu of the web app:

Also, you get a new alert in the Notification Center every time your contact answers you via SMS. By clicking on the SMS or contact name in the notification, Reply will redirect you to SMS Inbox, from where you can access the thread.

List of contacts

The list of contacts who responded to SMS is displayed on the left together with initials or photos (if any), full name, email address, date, and time of the last reply. The list of people is sorted in descending order from the newest to the oldest replies.

Thread section

In the Message thread section, all outgoing SMS messages are to the right of the main window, and all replies are to the left. If the text contains a link, it will open in a new browser tab. The section also displays the date and time of the sent and received SMS.

To send SMS, you can press Enter on your keyboard or use the Send message button in the lower right corner.

*Before sending, all SMS must pass processing checks. If the check fails, an error message appears so you can fix the problem.

How to remove a conversation thread:

If you want to delete a conversation from the SMS Inbox page, the Remove thread button is available in the upper right corner of the section. Clicking on it will delete the contact from the list and the thread until the next SMS reply from such a contact.

Please note: the limit for a single SMS is 160 characters, therefore, for example, 200-300 characters will be sent as multiple messages.

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