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Inbox at the sequence level
Inbox at the sequence level
Learn how to use Inbox at the sequence level to view messages that have been initiated in one particular sequence
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In addition to the general or consolidated Inbox, which displays all threads from all your sequences and team members in one place, you can also use Inbox at the sequence level.

At the sequence level, the Inbox allows you to view threads that were initiated in a specific sequence. You can track and organize conversations within a particular outreach campaign so you can understand how well the campaign is performing and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Inbox at the sequence level can also help reduce the noise that comes from having a single inbox for all communications, especially if you have multiple sequences and team members. As a result, you can focus on the relevant messages and reduce the risk of missing important communications.

To access Inbox at the sequence level:

  1. Click on the Sequences from the top header menu and open the needed sequence.

  2. Navigate to the Inbox tab.

The threads within the selected sequence will be shown.

Please note. In inbox, you can view threads initiated by all sending email addresses linked to a sequence. One sequence may belong to one team member but have several sending email addresses. Besides, you can also view the threads that have been initiated with the contacts for which the sequence owner is not a contact owner.

Inbox at the sequence level has the same functionality as Consolidated Inbox.

Here are all the actions that you can take and links with detailed explanations:

The only exception is that at the sequence level, Inbox has none of the following:

  • filtering options by the sequence: because it already displays messages from a particular sequence;

  • filtering options by team member: because it already displays threads that belong to you, and sequences that were created under your Reply account, you can have different sending email addresses but one Reply account.

Important. Both inboxes (on the global and sequence levels) are synced and updated simultaneously. Once you launch a sequence and receive replies, all the threads will be shown in both sequences.

The counter of unread messages will increment/decrement synchronously in both inboxes. When you read messages, answered your contacts, create new categories or make any other changes in one inbox, these changes will also be made in another inbox as well.

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