Important: you can add variables as a part of self-created steps or insert them into steps that already exist.

To insert a variable in an email template:

  1. Choose an email step in your sequence

  2. In the template creation pop-up, create your template or use an existing one (Apply template button)

  3. Click the Insert Variables button

4. In the drop-down menu choose one of the variable types: Contact, Team, Advanced. The selected variable appears in your template

Selected variables add data from the People tab to your email text. If you do not have contacts in the sequence, the data to populate variables is taken from the first contact on the People page alphabetically.

To check how the email looks like and how the variable works, click the Show email preview button on the right side of the template creation pop-up. The other way is to click an arrow next to the Save button and to choose the Send test email button in the drop-down menu.

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