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Variables in the Reply templates
Variables in the Reply templates

This article explains the meaning of the term "variable" and describes its importance and effectiveness for sequences

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Template variables are a set of editable values provided for Reply users. They allow you to personalize emails and (in future) other sequence steps like LinkedIn, Call, etc.

Adding variables to a template has three advantages:

  • Flexibility

  • Time-saving

  • Personal approach to each recipient

By adding variables, you do not have to manually edit every email to improve personalization, variables do it for you. It is always nice to receive a letter addressed to you personally since this shows that the sender is attentive to you.

Instead of entering the name of each recipient to your email, you can use the Contact variable in the template. When using {{FirstName}}, {{LastName}} or {{FullName}} variables, the recipient data automatically appears in your template.

Note: If you don't have enough data about some contacts, you can use substitution and replace it with another text or variable.

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