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Most common retargeting options
Most common retargeting options

This article describes the most common retargeting options to get the most of your Reply sequences.

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Sometimes, interested contacts may not reply to you; many factors influence this including timing and current need. To achieve optimal results from your sequences, we recommend retargeting these prospects as this usually brings positive results.

One of the ways to define such people is to filter them by the number of email views in your sequence.

After you've defined these contacts based on their behaviour, you can move these people to a re-nurturing sequence with more unique content. Other options include sending a manual email to them, calling them, or connecting with them via social networks.
Another tip is that you can include a link to your website and retarget the people that clicked the link from your emails. There can be additional materials/attachments that you can share with these prospects - this can also bring some good results in terms of replies.

You might also be interested to take look at our Best Practices section or ask your Success Manager for feedback about your Reply sequences.

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