This article describes how to use the Reply Email Validation Service.

The Email Validation service lets you verify prospects' emails on deliverability, bounce rate and other criteria. This helps you increase sequence performance as well as reduce the chance of getting noticed by spam filters.

How to validate your prospects

You can run validation for a single prospect or the entire list. To do this:

  1. Log in to your Reply account.
  2. Open the People page.
  3. Select prospects you want to validate.
  4. Click Validate.

After the system validates the emails, you get the notification in the notification area:

Valid emails have the following icons:

If there are invalid or risky emails, the contact list gets updated with the corresponding icons:

  • Risky emails
  • Invalid emails

Note: you can validate only one batch of emails the same time. After you have selected email addresses and clicked Validate email, and want to validate additional email addresses, you must wait until the first batch gets validated.

Note: Reply will not send emails to prospects with invalid emails. This is done to reduce bounce rate.

A contact with the Invalid status can be moved in a sequence if there are no email steps at the moment. Such measure helps handling large volume of contacts, limits and deliverability. This covers API as well.

For more information about the Email Validation core features and how it works, see the following article.

Buying email validations

To begin using the Email Validation Service, you must buy email validations. To do this, navigate to the Settings Page, Plans & Billing tab, Email Validation section.

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