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HubSpot integration options
HubSpot integration options

Find out more about the Reply-HubSpot integration options available and how you can set it up and running effortlessly in minutes

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Apart from the native Reply-HubSpot integration, there are 3 additional options:

How to integrate with HubSpot via BCC settings

It’s possible to send all outgoing emails from Reply and incoming replies to HubSpot, and update leads in the HubSpot CRM. To do that:

  1. In your Reply account, open the Emails tab of the Settings page and expand the BCC Settings section

   2. In the BCC field, enter the HubSpot email address in the form of, where xxxxxxx is your HubSpot id. 

With this option, all existing contacts in HubSpot will be updated with the outgoing emails (and incoming replies, if set), and new contacts will be created if the email address does not exist in HubSpot.

NOTE that Hubspot might trigger false opening for Reply opens tracker.

How to integrate with HubSpot via Zapier

Zapier is a service that allows you to automate tasks between other online apps (like Salesforce, Basecamp, and Gmail). It is based on the concept of actions and triggers. A trigger is an event that happens in one application and an action is a resulting event in another application.

Setting New Contact as a trigger in HubSpot and Create/Update Person as an action in Reply will create a new contact in Reply every time you create a contact in HubSpot.

If you would like step-by-step instructions on how to create Zaps, see our Integrations via Zapier article.

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