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Delivery windows (schedules)
Delivery windows (schedules)

Schedule specific weekdays and time frames to let Reply know when to send your sequence emails to always reach out on time

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Every sequence can be set up to send emails according to a specific delivery window. The schedule can be assigned and customized on the sequence Steps tab:

We recommend setting at least a 2.5 - 4-hour window based on how the sequence works.

Managing delivery schedules

You can create and manage delivery schedules under the Schedules tab of the Settings page. If you have Team Edition enabled, you can also sort the schedules by team member - just expand the filter in the upper left corner and select any team member:

To create a new schedule:

  1. Click the Create new schedule button (or the Plus button in the top right corner of the screen).

  2. Enter the schedule name in the Name field.

  3. Set the time zone your schedule should use unless it uses the contact's time zone.

  4. Check the checkboxes for the days when you want Reply to send emails.

  5. Select the time range for each day.

  6. Click Save.

Important: Time zones in Reply do not consider Daylight Saving Time and act only based on the UTC time zone. Here is one of the tools that you can use to define a correct time zone for your outreach.

You can also set a separate schedule for follow-up emails. To do this, toggle on the corresponding slider:

Under Advanced settings, you can make the system use contact's specific time zone (if it is set in the contact's profile) and do not send on US public holidays. This article can explain how to define the contact's time zone during CSV import.

Setting a default schedule

If you use multiple schedules, you can set one as the default schedule. This schedule will be assigned to new sequences automatically. To do this click the Make default icon in the list of schedules.


Removing a schedule

If you have some schedules that you won't use anymore, you can remove those in Settings - Schedules by clicking on the Trash icon. If you still have some sequences running on this schedule, you'll have to change the schedule for such sequences first, and then the Trash icon will become active in Settings - Schedules:


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