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Step #1: Connecting an email account
Step #1: Connecting an email account

Learn how to connect different email accounts to Reply

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When you join Reply, you can add multiple email accounts from different providers to send and receive emails.

๐Ÿ’ก Keep in mind, this step is recommended to be the first one as it is necessary to launch email campaigns. However, you can add it later and skip the setup to explore other Reply's features first.

Once you are ready, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Email Accounts tab of your Settings.

  2. Click New email account.

  3. Select your email provider and click Continue.

Connecting a Gmail account

For GSuite mailboxes, we offer a single-click connection type, so it will only take seconds:

Please ensure to grant access to Less Secure Apps and enable IMAP:

  1. Go to the Forwarding & POP/IMAP in your Gmail Settings.

  2. Check the Enable IMAP checkbox (if disabled)

If you face issues with the single-click connection, choose the Other Provider option and enter the settings manually. SSL needs to be enabled for both sending and receiving:

  • Email - enter your email address.

  • IMAP host -

  • IMAP port - 993

  • IMAP password - Your Gmail password

  • SMTP host -

  • SMTP port - 465

  • SMTP password - Your Gmail password

Connecting an Outlook/Office 365 account

Connecting the Outlook account is similar to Gmail, so please enable your IMAP and then move to the sign-in. If the IMAP is not accessible, you need to ask your admin to enable this setting.

The Exchange single-click variant is recommended for your EWS on Microsoft servers email accounts. It uses API for receiving emails instead of the IMAP.

Connecting a Microsoft Exchange account

This type is recommended for your EWS on private servers and the setup is slightly different:

  • Choose the Exchange (on-premises) option and click Continue.

  • Paste your email address into the Email field.

  • Use your mailbox password in the Password field.

  • Next to the EWS Endpoint field, click on the Autodiscover button.

  • Test the connection and Save the changes.

Connecting Other Provider mailboxes

The Other provider option needs manual setup, so here is what you need to keep in mind๐Ÿ‘‡

  • The provider should support IMAP, SMTP protocols, and third-party app connections.

  • The Host Names and Port Numbers are listed on the provider's side.

  • IMAP is enabled.

When you are ready with the settings, click Test next to Sending/Receiving and ensure the dot is green. A red sign indicates an issue; hover over it for troubleshooting tips

Read more about email accounts here:

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