When you log into your Reply account for the first time, you must connect your email account to send and receive messages.

Select your email provider and click Continue:

Connecting a Gmail account

To connect your Gmail account to Reply:

  1. Click Gmail in the Set up email account for sending pop-up window.
  2. Select an account you want to connect (in case of multiple Gmail accounts). You have to be logged in to the email account that you are trying to add in your browser.

If you want to connect an alias Gmail account, see the following article.


Сheck if you have enabled IMAP and Less Secure Apps access to assure stable connection.

  1. In your Gmail account, click Settings.
  2. Navigate to Forwarding & POP/IMAP page
  3. Check the Enable IMAP check box (if disabled).

To check if access to less secure apps is turned on see the following link.

 If you experience problems with automatic connection of the Gmail account, select the Other Provider option and enter your settings manually:

Gmail settings
IMAP host - imap.gmail.com
IMAP port - 993
IMAP password - Your Gmail password
SSL enabled
SMTP host - smtp.gmail.com
SMTP port - 465
SMTP password - Your Gmail password
SSL enabled

Please, note: it's not possible to connect a generic Gmail account, only business domains.

Connecting an Outlook 365 account

Reply uses the preset settings for Outlook. To connect Outlook, enter your email account password into the IMAP and SMTP password fields.

Connecting an Outlook account

To connect to an Outlook account, select the Other provider option. Here are the correct settings for Outlook:

Connecting a Microsoft Exchange account

To connect Reply with your Exchange account:

  1. Specify IMAP and SMTP Hosts (server name).
  2. Specify ports.
  3. Enter your email account password into the IMAP and SMTP password fields.

Test connection and it should be all green for both IMAP and SMTP settings if Reply successfully connected to your email account. If something is wrong and you see a red sign, point the cursor to the red icon and read the message, which can help you to troubleshoot the connection from your side.

If you want to connect an email account from a different email provider, make sure it supports the IMAP and SMTP protocols. You can find Host Names and Port Numbers in the documentation of your email provider. IMAP must be enabled in your email account and it must support third party apps connection.

If you still experience problems, please contact our support to help you resolve the issue.

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