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Your step-by-step guide on how to set up your email account alias

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How to set up email alias for sending emails

💡 Before you start connecting an alias, please double-check whether the IMAP is enabled and you have granted access to less secure apps:

Here is what you need to do to set the alias up:

  1. Navigate to the Email Accounts tab of the Settings page.

  2. Click the New email account button.

  3. In the setup dialog window, select Other Provider and click Continue.

In mailbox settings, enable the I want to use different email servers for sending and receiving emails toggle and start with the IMAP settings:

  1. In the User Name field, use your primary email (

  2. In the IMAP Host field, enter the address of the IMAP server ( for Gmail accounts).

  3. In the IMAP Port field, enter the port of the IMAP server (993 for Gmail accounts).

  4. In the Password fields, paste the password from your primary mailbox.

  5. Toggle on the Enable SSL option (for Gmail accounts).

Now move to the SMTP section:

  1. In the Email field, enter the alias email address (

  2. Make sure your User Name field has your primary mailbox (

  3. In the Reply to field, use the primary mailbox you want to receive replies to ( 

  4. In the Sender Name field, paste your name (for example, Shelly).

  5. In the SMTP Host field, enter (for Gmail accounts). 

  6. In the SMTP Port field, enter 465. 

  7. Toggle on the Enable SSL option (for Gmail accounts).

Once you are done with the setup, click the Test button and ensure the color of the dots is green:

It means your alias is well-connected to Reply.

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