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How to buy email validation credits
How to buy email validation credits

Lacking validation credits to maximize the delivery rate of your sequence? You can always buy them directly from Reply

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To use the Email Validation Service of Reply, it is necessary to buy email validations. Reply provides validation credits as monthly subscription packages.

To subscribe:

  • Navigate to the Settings page - Plans & Billing tab - Subscription section - Email validation.

  • Select your add-on.

  • Click Apply changes.

If you used all validation credits within a month, you will see the following notification when trying to validate further emails:

If this is the case, you can purchase additional credits from the Plans & Billing tab.

Note: If you want to re-validate already validated prospects after a while, this is possible in Reply. In this case, validation credits will be taken twice.

Disabling the Email Validation Service

Once you decide to disable the email validation, credits will be removed. You have to open the Wizzard and choose - validation credits, so you won't be charged anymore. Also, credits will be removed if you cancel your Reply subscription. We recommend canceling your subscription when you have used your full monthly quota.
​Note: Unused credits do not roll over to another month.

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