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Manage Team Accounts
Manage Team Accounts

Learn more about how you can manage your team accounts, access and invitations (suitable for business package subscribers only)

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To manage team accounts, click on the Team page from the header menu.

In the Members tab, you can see the status and role of every teammate you have in Reply.

To add a new team member:

  1. Click Invite team member.

  2. Enter the person's name and email address. If the team edition is disabled, you will also need to select a role for a user account (admin or regular).

  3. Click Invite. The person will receive your invitation by email with a sign-up link.

Please note. Selecting a role for a user will only work if a team edition is disabled.

As the team account admin, you can always edit the roles and email addresses of other team members. You can cancel your invitation if you change your mind or remove a user from your team using the drop-down list under the arrow on the right side.

On this page, you can also find the metrics for the total number of Delivered emails, Open and Reply rates in all your teammates' accounts.

If you click on your colleague's name, you'll be navigated to his/her profile with detailed reports.

You can share email templates with your team (you cannot share people, sequences, lists, or merge user accounts).

Admin can switch over to the team member's account and work on it.

Please note that session in your teammate's account lasts 20 minutes, and if you don't save changes, the system will switch you back to your personal account and may also transfer some changes to your account (for example, a sequence you've been creating in your team member's account).

It's also possible to see detailed analytics for each of your team members on the Reports pages.

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