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How can I see my teammate's sequences?
How can I see my teammate's sequences?

Check how you can see the sequences of your team members

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Collaborating over sequences is important when you work in a team, so we have 2 options depending on Team Edition status:

  • you can apply the sequence filter - for teams with Team Edition enabled

  • you can log into team member's account - for teams without Team Edition

Sequences with Team Edition mode

If you enable Team Edition in Public mode, you can find your teammate's right in the Sequences tab.

  1. go to the Sequences tab in the header

  2. click on the initials to expand the drop-down menu

  3. pick the teammate you want to check

πŸ’‘ Important: If you use Team Edition in the Private mode, only the Team Owner can see sequences of other team members.

Sequences without Team Edition mode

If you have a team without Team Edition mode, you can log into your teammate's accounts instead. This way you get to check everything they have including sequences. Here is what you need to do:

  • click on your initials in the header

  • pick the teammate and click on their profile

πŸ’‘ Important: Only users with the Admin role can log into the accounts of other team members.

If you want to check your existing role or change it, follow these steps:

  • go to Team management

  • choose the Members tab

  • to edit the role, click on it and pick another one

Should you have any help or need more details about the collaboration, our Support team is there to help.

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