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Can I use my real phone number for direct calls?
Can I use my real phone number for direct calls?

Everything about the numbers availability for direct calls and a quick 3-step guide to help you start calling right away.

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Reply allows you to make calls to your contacts using a rented phone number.

However, you can also set up a configuration that will display your real phone number to your contacts whenever you call them. Therefore, your calls made through Reply's rented phone number will be attached to your phone number instead.

Here's how to set up this setting:

1. Request calls first.

2. Enter your phone number in Settings -> Account.

3. Enter your client's phone number in the specified profile field.

4. When you need to call someone, click on a phone icon, and the system dials your phone number first, you pick up and then it dials your client's phone number - he/she will see your actual phone # as if you called directly.

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