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Calls in Sequence (Triggered calls)
Calls in Sequence (Triggered calls)

The feature is related to the Direct Calls and helps perform automatic calls to the client after they open your email.

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This article describes the Calls in Sequence functionality. For example, you can make the system automatically call the contact that has opened your email three times.


  • The Cloud Calls functionality must be enabled. For more information, see the Cloud Calls article.

  • The contact should have a valid phone number in the Phone field.

Working with Calls in Sequence

To turn on the feature in a particular sequence, open the sequence, navigate to the Settings tab and expand the Calls in sequence section. Activate the Automatically call slider and select when the system should call the prospect.

If you activate the A successful call stops email sending slider, the system will not send emails to this contact after the successful call (more than 6 seconds).

When the system calls your prospect, it connects with you first, tells you the name of the sequence and the name of the prospect and offers to call them. You can either accept the connection or decline it.

Important: we highly recommend setting the Call prospect automatically after email was opened x times option to 3 or more openings, better 4 - 7 openings.

Note: the feature uses the sequence schedule. The system will try to reach the contact only within the hours specified in the schedule. If the contact triggers the call outside the sequence schedule, the system will not call them and wait until the next email opening. For more information about schedules, see the following article.

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